Canadian beach with stranded barge jokingly rebranded ‘Barge Chilling Beach’

Parks officials Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, unveiled a “holiday gift” to the city: a sign dubbing the beach at which a barge has been stranded for more than a month “Barge Chilling Beach.”

The Vancouver Park Board installed the sign at Sunset Beach, where a barge has been stranded since crashing into the seawall during storms Nov. 15.

“Our little holiday gift to you, Vancouver,” the park board tweeted with a photo of the sign. “No matter what storms life may send our way, we’ll always be here for you.”

The barge has been in place for over a month despite multiple attempts to move it. The stranded vessel has now become a tourist attraction at the beach.

“We’ve been seeing people kind of having fun, taking pictures, all the messaging out there and we thought let’s add to the fun and let’s bring a little more joy to the season, if you will,” Donnie Rosa, general manager of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, told CBC News.

The name “Barge Chilling Beach” is a reference to “Dude Chilling Park,” a joke sign installed at Guelph Park in 2014 after members of the public noticed a sculpture at the park called Reclining Figure resembled a lounging man.

The joke sign was later stolen, but the Park Board then replaced it with an official one.

“Vancouverites have a unique sense of humor. We like to take these things and run with them,” Rosa said.