Rodger Saffold says he’s dealing with nerve issue in shoulder

Tennessee Titans left guard Rodgers Saffold is dealing with an ongoing nerve issue in his injured shoulder.

In an interview with 104.5 The Zone, Saffold said the injury requires ongoing management and will continue to force him to the sidelines after taking certain types of hits.

“Basically it’s a nerve thing. It’s numbness, tingling, all that thing. Sometimes I can shake it out,” Saffold said, via Terry McCormick of “I waited like four plays before I went down (Sunday) because it was giving me fits. The crazy thing about it is it could be from anything. So the question is how do we manage it.”

Saffold has played in every game this season for Tennessee. However, Saffold has only played all of the team’s offensive snaps in just five of the 13 games the team has played this season. Despite the ongoing nature of the injury, Saffold has only been listed with a shoulder injury on the team’s injury report for four weeks this season and none since Week Seven.

Saffold will continue to play through the injury and may seek out a specialist to help alleviate the issue after the season is over.